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Kitchen Remodel

  • Does your kitchen have outdated orange oak cabinets, handles or hinges that are falling off, or tile countertops that are a pain to clean? Or maybe you have a wall between your living space and kitchen? Elevate your kitchen to a modern, family-friendly haven.
  • Opt for durable, easy-to-clean materials like quartz countertops and vinyl plank flooring, blending style with practicality. 
  • Integrate a central island for meal prep and gathering, accommodating the busy rhythms of family life. 
  • Update appliances with smart, energy-efficient models that cater to modern needs. Choose an open layout, fostering a seamless flow between cooking and living spaces, perfect for keeping an eye on kids while multitasking. 
  • Balance aesthetics with family-centric design, creating a welcoming, efficient hub for everyday activities. 
  • Give Ridgeline a call today and we will help you recreate your kitchen into your dream kitchen.

Bathroom Remodel

  • Most of Ridgeline’s customers come to us with a bathroom remodel because they have brass fixtures, dysfunctional vanities that are too short, laminate countertops that are peeling or tile grout that is full of mildew. Modernizing a bathroom emphasizes optimizing functionality.
  • Streamline the layout for efficient use of space. Install storage solutions like floating shelves or built-in cabinets to declutter the area.
  • Upgrade fixtures for water conservation and better performance. Incorporate well-placed lighting, mirrors, and ventilation for practicality and ambience.
  • Consider accessible features like walk-in showers and grip bars for safety.
  • Integrate technology with motion-sensor faucets and programmable thermostats. Employ durable and easy-to-maintain materials.
  • Modernization should prioritize enhancing usability, convenience, and comfort to create a highly functional bathroom tailored to contemporary needs. Ridgeline wants to help you recreate your bathroom into your dream bathroom.
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Full Home Remodel

  • Are you moving into a new home and it’s in the perfect location but it needs a major overhaul? Or maybe your kids have all moved out and it’s time to get your home ready for the next stage of life? Or maybe you love where you are but your home is no longer your dream home? While bathroom and kitchen remodels are a major part of upgrading a home, there are so many other areas that Ridgeline can help with.
  • A full home remodel involves a comprehensive renovation of a residence, encompassing structural changes, interior redesign, and functional upgrades. It typically includes demolishing and rebuilding sections, updating utilities, reconfiguring layouts, enhancing aesthetics, and upgrading fixtures, flooring, and finishes. This transformative process aims to modernize living spaces, increase functionality, improve energy efficiency, and enhance overall comfort and style. Whether motivated by personal preference or increasing property value, a full home remodel demands careful planning, budgeting, and coordination of contractors to achieve a cohesive, refreshed living environment that aligns with the homeowner’s vision and lifestyle. Ridgeline can help with all of that. We have a team of engineers, architects, designers and construction professionals that can help every step of the way to create your home into your dream home!

Insurance Restoration

  • Ridgeline’s roots are in insurance restoration. Whether it is damage from water, sewage, fire, wind or other disaster, we will work for you to get an approved estimate from your insurance company and get your home back to the way it was or better.
  • We have a team that knows how to write estimates with the same programs insurance uses and works every day to get your estimate approved as quickly as possible but with an eye to getting paid out what is within the law and what is needed to get your home put back together.
  • We will work within the approved budget set by your insurance so that you do not have to spend any money out of pocket, other than your deductible, if you choose.
  • It is common for homeowner’s to decide to do additional work while they are getting their home restored and we can help walk you through that as well.
  • Contact us if you have any questions about the process and if Ridgeline is the right contractor for your insurance damage restoration.
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Residential Remodel

We do all types of remodels, whether it’s a bathroom or kitchen upgrade, full home remodel, convert a garage to an ADU, aging in place or any project you can think of, we are here to help every step of the way. 

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Residential Exterior Improvements

We can help improve the exterior of your home in every way, whether it’s a new deck, new fence, replace or repair siding, new roof, or whatever else you can dream up. 


Commercial Remodels or Repairs

Not only do we specialize in residential remodels, but we can help upgrade or repair your commercial space as well. Let us help you improve your workspace so it can be somewhere that your employees are proud to work at and your customers have confidence in your services.